Introduction to BSS TECS programme

Located at Chyamhasingh, the eastern gate of world famous historic city Bhaktapur, Bagiswori Secondary School (BSS) is truly community based public institution. It was founded by a group of socially motivated people in 2015 BS as a primary school. Initially it aimed at producing competent and qualified human resources. But along with the changing time, it has extended its aims, vision and the academic sphere. The institution has adopted the policy of associating education with labour and preparing skilled work force with immense sense of responsibility towards the society and the nation. 


TECS (Technical Education in Community School) program which is running under CTEVT (Council for Technical Educational and Vocational Training) in Bagiswori Secondary School traces its beginning from 2069 B.S as Annex program by conducting 15 month Pre Diploma in civil engineering course. Now under TECS program two civil engineering disciplines are running viz. 1. Pre-Diploma in civil engineering (also known as TSLC before 2077) (18 months) and Diploma in Civil Engineering (3 Years). As ever, BSS is committed to give better performance with outstanding results in order to materialize its objectives. Also TECS programme is conducting short term and Long term skill training related to civil engineering with help of SDP, EVENT and CTEVT. The interested and eligible students are appealed to be part of this institute to become productive, culturally rich and morally honored citizen and professionals to take active part in skill training.


To become a lead institute in technical education and vocational training in Nepal.


To provide quality technical education to pre diploma, diploma students and vocational skill trainings to the needy community people in competent market by welled trained trainers in friendly environment with reasonable price.


  • To provide quality education at affordable fee.
  • To make a strong connection between education and productive labor.  
  • To produce mid-level skilled, qualified and competent personnel. 
  • To produce devoted dedicated and self-disciplined manpower.
  • To produce technical professionals with good attitude and behavior to support nation.
  • To ensure the full employment for the passed out students.

Eligibility Criteria for enrolment

  1. For Pre Diploma in civil engineering course.
  • Students should acquire minimum E grade in the SEE exam.
  • Students should pass the entrance exam.
  1. For Diploma in civil engineering course.
  • Students should acquire at least C grade in Maths and Science and D+ grade in English.
  • Students should pass the entrance exam.

Students Quota

  1. Pre Diploma in civil engineering (18 Months)

Total number of seats: 40 (full fee ctevt staff quota:1, full fee Laxit Barga quota: 4)

Scholarship Quota: Merit Scholarship (Entrance Exam topper): 1

                              Classified Scholarship: 3

  1. Diploma in civil engineering (3 Years)

Total number of seats: 48 (full fee ctevt staff quota:1, full fee Laxit Barga quota: 4 and TSLC passed quota: 4)

Scholarship Quota: Merit Scholarship (Entrance Exam topper): 1

Classified Scholarship: 4

Entrance Exam

There will be two types of entrance exam in both Diploma and Pre diploma. One is full fee entrance exam and second is the classified entrance exam. There will be very little possibility of getting scholarship through classified entrance exam so students take both entrance exams. In TECS programme the full fee entrance exam is conducted by school and students need to fill the form and submit to school. While the classified entrance exam and full fee entrance exam of private technical college is conducted by CTEVT. The students should fill the online form by themselves through CTEVT website: for classified entrance exam. The detail of entrance exam is published in national newspapers and online.


The curriculum of Pre Diploma in civil engineering (18 months) is in use from 2016 AD. The course structure of TSLC or pre diploma has 10 subjects which takes 12 months learning teaching time while the remaining 6 months is for the On the Job Training. The On-the-Job Training (OJT) insists on the application of learned skills and knowledge in formal setting as well as the provision of OJT is also included to establish a linkage with employers and provides hands on work experience to a student that promotes employability. Moreover, OJT takes place immediately after completing yearly final examination.

While the Diploma in civil engineering is a 3 years course duration having 6 semesters in total. Board exam is conducted in each semester. Each semester has 6 to 7 subjects. The syllabus can be downloaded from website: