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About us

Bagiswori Secondary School is a community based academia founded by a group of socially motivated people in 2015 B.S. as a primary school. It is dedicated to produce qualified and competent human resources. With the length of time, BSS has extended its aims and vision, and the academic sphere upto Master level.

Education is the formal act of imparting knowledge, developing the power of reasoning and judgement for academic maturity, Bagiswori Secondary School has best tried to materialize the above ideas with its glorious history and continuous success in the NEB results. It is known as the most prominent and admired community-based academic institution throughout the action. It offers Science, Management, Humanities and Education under NEB in non-technical sector and TECS programs including 3-years Diploma in Civil Engineering (Sub Engineer) and Pre-Diploma (Jr. Sub Engineer) and Short Term Trainings in technical sector. More than 1500 students have made BSS their educational destination in class XI, XII and altogether 3543 students have been pursuing their academic career in school, +2 and TECS. This immense enrolment of the students in this institution confirms the social credibility. BSS will leave no stone unturned to maintain this reliability and demonstrate solid performance.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide quality education at affordable fees to the students from different economic and social strata.
  2. To produce efficient, committed and qualified human resources with deep sense of social responsibilities.
  3. To contribute in creating knowledge based society of the 21st century.
  4. To achieve the goal of “One graduate in One Family in Bhaktapur”.
  5. To make a logical connection between Education and Labor.
  6. To help the student develop his/her identity in both national and international context and lead the society in harmonious way.

Our Salient Features

  1. Quality, trustworthy and responsible administration.
  2. Well-aerated and facilitated spacious classrooms with peaceful and hygienic environment.
  3. Properly maintained library with sufficient number of reference books, magazines and newspapers.
  4. Regular assessments with periodic and cumulative tests.
  5. Tutorial classes in major subjects for needy students.
  6. A wide variety of scholarships (of more than 50 lakhs) for the needy and deserving students.
  7. Sophisticated laboratories for Biology, Chemistry, Mass Communication and Physics, well-equipped workshops for TECS and a well-set computer lab for all.
  8. Prime location/accessible from everywhere.
  9. More preference on personal care and counseling for needs.
  10. Properly managed auditorium and seminar halls.
  11. Transportation facilities and hygienic cafeteria.
  12. Special focus on games and sports.
  13. Use of the most recent educational technology: multimedia, OHP and so on.

Recent Notices

Admission Open

For Class XI & XII Science, Management, Humanities, Education, Diploma in Civil Engineering and Pre-Diploma (Civil)

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C. English
C. Nepali
Computer Science


C. English
C. Nepali
Business Studies
Business Mathematics
Travel & Tourism
Hotel Management
Elements of Finance
Computer Science


C. English
C. Nepali
M. Political Science
M. Economics
M. Culture
M. Mathematics
M. Rural Economics
M. Mass Communication & Journalism
M. Rural Development
M. General Law
M. Population Studies
M. Sociology
M. Nepali
M. English
M. Sculpture
M. Painting


C. English
C. Nepali
Introduction to Education
Instructional Pedagogy
Maj. Economics
Maj. Maths
Maj. Nepali
Maj. English
Maj. Population
Maj. Sculpture

TECS Programme

Diploma in Civil Engineering (Sub Engineer - 3 Years)
Pre-Diploma (Jr. Sub Engineer - 18 Months)
Short Term Skill Trainings